Testing FAQ’s

Q: What are the benefits of certifying our employees as idiots?
A: One of the main benefits to certifying key employees as certified idiots is accountability. Within many corporations these are times when problems and issues are left unresolved or corrected.

Q: How do we certify our employees as idiots?
A: Once you have evaluated the need for a certified Corporate idiot, please contact one of our Sales Agents.

Q: How much does it cost to certify a Corporate Idiot?
A: The base price is $10,500 per employee, but this figure can vary depending on the type of corporate certification that is requested, and volume discounts.

Q: How long does the certification process take?
A: Generally the process takes 6-8 weeks, this includes the 10 days of intense training and testing.

Q: How long is the certification valid
A: A certification is valid for 2 years from the date it was issued.

Q: How much does re-certification cost
A: At present the re-certification fee is $2000

Q: How long does the Personal Certification take?
A: This certification programs takes 10 days.

Q: How much does the Personal Certification cost?
A: This certification program cost $6,500 and we do provide payment plans to individuals OAC.