Corporate Certification

RentAnIdiot can provide customized training based on its massive collection of psychological profiles and with modifications and enhancements, we can create a customized training solution that promises a highly recognized industry idiot, but is uniquely based on your organizational objectives.

Certified Corporate Idiot can often be a more effective alternative to other testing options, and has the added advantage of meeting issues specific to your organization. The decision to bring a Certified Corporate Idiot in house is not just for larger organizations. Many smaller businesses can benefit from having a Certified Corporate Idiot. These certifications programs can be delivered on site or at a RentAnIdiot Training Facility.

RentAnIdiot facilitators are hand picked industry idiots. All facilitators are registered with RentAnIdiot for a period of two years following a rigorous interview, training and selection process involving our in-house idiot education specialists.

To ensure that RentAnIdiot clients receive the most relevant and appropriate learning experiences, our facilitators are required to attend continual idiot development and testing seminars.

Evaluation of our facilitators is undertaken in a number of forms. Direct feedback is gathered from evaluation sheets distributed to participants at the conclusion of each course. These evaluation forms are handled confidentially, with a summary of the results being presented to your organization once the results have been processed.