Why Testing With Certified Idiots Works!

Usability evaluation and testing is the analysis of the design of software, a product or system in order to evaluate the match between end users and a product. Often usability evaluation and testing is a dynamic process throughout the life cycle of software, or product and over time can incur major costs.

Unlike traditional software and product testing that rely on heuristic methodologies, RentAnIdiot utilizes certified idiots, who through careful selection and training, out perform simulated end user testing.

These superior results are achieved by providing real certified idiots who are capable of producing user errors, system failures and general clue less responses that no conventional testing is capable of replicating.

When a company claims that a product is manufactured to CIR-100, the agreed interpretation is that the product has been designed, to the best capabilities of the company, in accordance with the relevant design and/or performance Standard. Recently we tested graduation gowns for a national manufacture to confirm that they would comply with a new fire retardant regulation, which is to phased in by 2026. These testing procedures utilized one hundred certified idiots, manly males between 18-25** who tested the garments using a wide range of accelerants. Once the testing phase was conclude, it was determined that the gown pockets needed to be re-enforced to withstand burning joints and smoldering crack pipes, that the average college user would occasionally leave there.

Conclusion: Once these modifications were complete, this garment was certified to the CIR-100 standard.

** Note: Generally females in this age range are smarter.


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